Chapter List

Preface: Author's Note
Prologue: Frozen in Time

Part One: The Lost Chapters
One: A Symbol of Freedom
Two: The Night Has Just Begun
Three: A Dangerous Game
Four: Behind the Mask
Five: Soulmates
Six: A Meeting in Chaos
Seven: A Dance in the Rain
Eight: Ezekiel's Wife
Nine: Purpose
Ten: The Secret
Eleven: An Unexpected Deal
Twelve: What's Meant to Be
Thirteen: Ditto
Fourteen: My Name is Quinn
Fifteen: Thanks For Being You
Sixteen: Taking Risks
Seventeen: Little Fish and the Conch Shell
Eighteen, One: Playing Pretend Never Lasts
Eighteen, Two: In This Life and the Next


  1. I popped over to your other blog about Atalan, and I wanted to say it looks amazing. I am happy to meet another fellow intense world builder.

    1. Thank you so much! Oh man it's been a while, the things there are a little rough. That blog needs a bit of TLC but time hasn't been in excess lately! Seeing your comments though has me sprucing things up! Maybe I'll actually get around to finishing that digital map I started...
      Intense world building is definitely my thing, so you're in the right place! I get no greater satisfaction than watching all my complex stories slowly click together. It makes every small detail worth it.