Song of the Nightingale follows the story of several recurring characters - I'll keep track of these characters here for those who want refreshers on the characters and a few pieces about them - though nothing pertaining too many spoilers. This story takes place over the course of a few hundred years, so hopefully this helps with those familiar faces you don't always remember.

Esmerelda Darko
Nightingale ~ The Performer
"Warrior" - Beth Crowley; "Me Too" - Meghan Trainor; "Chandelier (Acoustic)" - Sia; "On the Floor (Cover)" - Lindsey Stirling.

Quinn Flanagan
The Puppeteer ~ The Master of Disguise
"Freaks" - Timmy Trumpet; "Gentleman" - PSY; "Bitter Taste" - Three Days Grace; "Confident" - Demi Lovato.

Majnun Keeper
God of Magic and Madness ~ The Overpowered Clown
"Mad House" - Rihanna.

Mania Keeper
High Priestess of Majnun ~ "Bat-Shit Insane" ~ The Healer
"Pacify Her Pain" - Nightcore. 

Sheogorath Keeper
Eldest son of Majnun ~ The Mentalist
"Gold" - Imagine Dragons.

Deliro Keeper
Second son of Majnun ~ The Bomb Specialist
"Lovers on the Sun" - David Guetta.

Kefka Keeper
 Third son of Majnun ~ The Listener
"Dangerous Heathens" - David Guetta/Twenty-One Pilots.

The War Vet

Melanie Warren
The Childhood Friend

Casper Peters

Jeffrey Rain
The Priest of Vinyx

Juliana Darko
The Nightingale's Mother

Ezekiel Titus
The High Priest of Calypso; the Nightingale's "husband"


  1. These characters are all so intriguing.

    1. Thank you, the list is ever-growing, but they make a right fine bunch in my head! :D