Author's Note 10.24.16: Introductions and Progress!


First author's note of the story! (Big breath in) I love the smell of fresh author's notes on stories... so very sweet.
I'm a big fan of author's notes myself. Mine aren't required to read, but more just for your fun. I lean on being a very wordy person and often have a lot of comments about my own chapters or just fun tidbits here and there that I like sharing, and maybe others like reading them. I'm not sure.
My OCD prevents me from putting them at the bottom of chapters or top of chapters unless they're very urgent (like me citing someone's work or giving a warning on general audiences). I used to post on a forum where I could just do a dump right after a chapter in a reply post for people to read if they so chose, but I don't have that option here.

Anyways! Blah blah, introductions and stuff. I'm Olivia. I often go by Livvie or Liv, so please feel free to call me either. I tend to avoid using my actual name on here due to a character I have who shares the name - long story short we were originally the same person but she up and got her own personality... (sighs), but I answer to anything really.

You see, in this story I'm keeping my other voices out of my author's notes (stretches and sighs).
Much peaceful.
Many calm.

We'll see how long it lasts.
Anyways, this past chapter you got to meet Quinn many, many years after this story would've started. I really went back and forth over what chapter to start with. You see, I have several chapters written out in chronological order (and several non-chronologically ordered chapters) and the weird thing was, for as long as I sat on those chapters I never was in any hurry to post them.
Well, last Friday I got this really crazy idea to show the part of the story that I did. I talked to my best friend about it (you all know her as mpart) and I was like "I've got a really stupid, ridiculous idea. Tell me how stupid this is on a scale of one to 10,000."
Thus, here we are. Funny how that works, right? Sat on this story for months and finally started posting on an irrational whim.
What could possibly go wrong?

You've met Quinn and I've committed a fatal error already in my posting in that I did not put some sort of song in the chapter (what a way to start this story, Liv, geez). Granted, I also don't want to set a precedent and end up using not-good songs and... ramble blah ramble blah. I need to back up for this to make any sense.
Song? What song? Well, this story is heavily influenced by music. Esmerelda is a violinist and clearly a singer. Quinn is rather fond of music, himself. Anyways, I have a tendency to reference a lot of music throughout this story, especially the song "Nightingale" by Demi Lovato. It's the song that actually pieced everything together for me.
So, if I picked a song that fits Quinn's mood for the Prologue it would be "Hurts Like Hell" by Fleurie and "Sound of Your Heart" by Shawn Hook.

"How can I say this without breaking?
How can I say this without taking over?
How can I put it down into words,
when it's almost too much for my soul alone?
I loved and I loved and I lost you.
I loved and I loved and I lost you.
I loved and I loved and I lost you.
And it hurts like hell.
Yeah, it hurts like hell." 

"You were my courage, my sword and shield.
Grace under pressure, my wall of steel.
I was a stone, weighing us down.
You were the angel I chained to the ground.
I miss the way you undress,
I miss your head on my chest.
I can't stop this bleeding, can't stop believing.
I'm missing the sound of your heart beating."
-Shawn Hook-

So to bring us back to the story stuff, I'm working on chapter one. I previously thought the chapter was done, but Esmerelda wasn't having any of it and decided to tell me how not done it was. So, I'm doing revisions now and making poses.
That's the other thing about this story - I've worked so hard for so long on these characters and ideas that I want everything to be absolutely perfect. I'm more lax in my Reapers legacy because it's not so... specific. It's a lot of characters and I'm just having fun, whereas this story is my serious project. So, I'm making all my own poses and really working to improve my picture-editing abilities. 
Thus far, they're not so great, so I hope you'll forgive me and we'll work through it. 

Next chapter update? Well, I'm working on poses currently. 

 Say look, it's Majnun's pose! Look at me all posing it up in here.
I can do this. I can totally do this.
(Forgets eyes are selected and tries to move the arms)

Right, so there's that.
I've also been working on making Siren's Cove, which will obviously factor in later. You see... I've made many "worlds" for the World of Atalan. Windwaker Island is one, for example.

Home of the Reapers and Olivia (remember the one I mentioned earlier? Yeah her). 
The thing is, I usually only do one-lot worlds for these "Realms" I've made and Siren's cove... that's just not a one-lot realm. 
So... here's my progress. 

It's slow going at first as I carve out shapes and stuff. 

I clean up the shapes a little more until finally I start to sculpt, paint and add lots. 

Mostly finished now, I just need some trees here and there... or some plant life. I'm not sure yet exactly what that is. 
Not too shabby though, right? 
Please agree, I worked way too hard on this... 
Was there anything else I was planning on talking about? 
No, I think that's it for now. I should get back to writing actual chapters... I've been a wee bit slacking lately. 

Anyways, I just want to finish up by saying a huge thank you to everyone who reads and comments on this story. It really, really means a lot to me. Esmerelda and Quinn are... a huge part of my writing life. Perhaps I'll share why in another author's note, but for now, just thank you and I really love all the support you guys have given me. 

Lots of Love,

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