Summary and Disclaimer

Hello Everyone,

This part is always the hardest part of a story blog to write, in my humble opinion. Summarize my story in a way that doesn't have spoilers pertaining to it and then list a warning label of all the things it's going to feature? Not an easy task. Some of you might be here after seeing or reading about it via the Reapers Genetic Legacy Experiment - as Quinn and Esmerelda both have decently large roles throughout that story. If so, I send you my fondest hellos! If not, I highly encourage you to look into it - it's one of the few stories I put my heart and soul into (along with this one).

Song of the Nightingale is the love story of Quinn and Esmerelda. To say it's just a love story isn't doing the entire story justice, but there's no real other way to describe it. These two are hilariously fun to write and I get great enjoyment out of their humor and style. Now, something I want to be clear about is this is a love story. If love stories are not your thing, this may not be the story for you. Not only is this a love story, but it's one that isn't afraid to touch on subjects of a more sexual nature. Given that, I also feel I should say, directly, there will be no written erotica. I hate to have to be so blunt, but I really don't want anyone to be confused by the disclaimer that will follow up this post when it mentions "sexual content" and "nudity."

Now that we've covered the awkward bit, I can continue the "summary" part. The love story of Quinn and Esmerelda is one that takes place over many, many years (>50) and it will not only carry on into my Reapers Genetic Legacy Experiment, but likely even beyond it. There may be times I will delay chapters for long stretches as my Reapers catch up to this story (assuming I get that far ahead in it, which I highly doubt I will, this is more... precautionary). We'll follow the lives of Esmerelda and Quinn as they're brought together and pulled apart time and time again after being cursed by the God of Love. This story will dig into these complex characters and their pasts as they overcome several life hurdles.

How chick-flicky is that description? It seems I've one-upped myself.

Well, dear readers, now that we've "summarized" and I got the awkward statement out of the way... it's time to address the disclaimer portion of this page.

Song of the Nightingale will portray the following:
  • Violence
  • Alcohol and Drinking
  • Grisly/Bloody Images
  • Depictions of Child Abuse/Enslavement
  • Sexual Content and Nudity
  • Sexual Assault
  • Death, Homicide, and Suicide
  • Miscarriages
  • Depictions of Mental Illnesses
  • Foul Language
  • A lot of Foul Language
  • I'm not joking - a whole lot of Foul Language
All jokes in the disclaimer aside, this story is not suitable for young children. This is a work of fiction. Any characters or events who resemble actual people or events is entirely coincidental.

Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy the story.



  1. You did an excellent job with this disclaimed. Way more effort than I've put into things, but I appreciate this. It's inspiring.

    1. Thank you! It's difficult for me because I tend to delve into pretty dark topics that I would hate for people to just "run into" but I also don't want to dance around the topics either. A disclaimer seemed to be the best option for me to go down. I'm really flattered though, I honestly figured it would just be dry and most people would skip it! Glad to know it's doing some good!