Author's Note 8.5.17: Memory Lane Award

Hey Everyone!

I don't author's note much on this story, my life is a little bit too hectic for regular author's note right now (but boy would it be cool if I could just get a good routine going).

Anyways, what brings me here today is a Memory Lane Award/Challenge! My stories have been around longer than a year, and this story in particular is just shy of approaching it's one-year anniversary!

Thanks to the wonderful Blamsart I've been challenged to highlight 5 memorable moments from this story.

Has this story been around long enough to qualify for this? ......yes.
Do I have enough material to dig through?........maybe? 

I put it on this story because while my reading traffic for Reapers is pretty stellar, that story ISN'T my main story, NOR is it a story I feel reflects my best efforts. This story is that for me.

Anyways ❤I love you Blams! Also I super triple encourage you to check out Light the Way to Heaven because it's a super amazing story and Blams really goes all out to make the story flippin' amazing. The pure editing skills blow mine out of the water and I get so much inspiration from reading it.

SO here are the rules:
  1. Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for a totally legit award. Get a gold star and stick it on your forehead like a boss.
  2. Share FIVE of your favourite moments from your legacy/challenge/story so far.
  3. Nominate 3-5 blogs to do the same.
Let's do this! 

Step 1: 

My face IS a gold star now. Off to a great start.

Step 2: Oh this is where it gets really good. Here we go. 


Five: Stringin' up the Twins (A Meeting in Chaos)

When I initially brought in the Keeper children I just wanted them there to exposition and explain the war... what I got was something far more unique and precious. The entire meeting got derailed by Kefka catching fire, Majnun taking a nap, and Quinn getting his usual head-bashing-by-book. It's a huge reason why I love the Keepers and why this family is so dear to my heart though - things never go according to plan and that's what makes it all the better. 


Four: Dance with Me (A Dance in the Rain)

There was something really pure and intimate about this moment for Quinn and Ezzie. They got caught in the rain while completely sober and they ended up having this really adorable connection. I really love Quinn and Esmerelda as a couple because of these raw and intimate moments that they share. Don't get me wrong - their drunk humor is hilarious (as you'll see) but there's nothing more heartwarming than just imagining them out there, in the rain, dancing to Elvis.


Three: This Isn't My Face (Behind the Mask)

This chapter had a lot of gems in it, but the reason I adored this scene in particular is because - as a writer - I knew it wasn't supposed to go like this.
You heard me right.
I had a sudden realization in the middle of writing this chapter that changed the course of this entire story, and it all started with this conversation. Quinn and Ezzie weren't supposed to get this close - they weren't supposed to fall this hard and be this open. I can't divulge my initial plan for them, as it's still in play to a degree, but one day I will tell you wonderful readers the story of the great rewrite of Chapter 4 and I think you'll be amazed by how much changed.


Two: My Name is Bullshit (Night has Just Begun/A Dangerous Game)

Two chapters experience the same moment, so I quoted them both because it being in BOTH is what makes it the most memorable. These two chapters were insane for me to write and edit. I had to remember to take double the pictures and spent ages setting up the bars... it was utter chaos for me. I wasn't sure I would make it out...
Yet the end result was far worth it. Initially I hadn't intended on showing Quinn's perspective but it felt too important to leave out. Without Quinn's thought process you'd never get a chance to see what makes Esmerelda different. It's one thing to write a cheesy love story where a boy meets a girl and suddenly turns his life over because she's everything and blah blah.
This isn't that story. I don't want it to be that story. Quinn isn't just falling out of his chair for Esmerelda because "she's the one" and that's the important part of these chapters to me.
Quinn senses a kindred spirit. Quinn likes her. Quinn thinks she's funny and wants to get her into bed - everything else was an added benefit for him.


One: The Nightingale's Song (Soulmates)

It should be FAIRLY obvious that "Nightingale" is a central part of this story (both the song AND the bird). Demi Lovato's "Nightingale" (as ridiculous as I know this will sound to some of you) is the glue that ended up making this story... well, what it is.
I always HAD a concept for Quinn and Esmerelda. Always. I had it long before the Reapers, I had it long before I started even writing seriously. I've twiddled with it and fiddled with it and tweaked and twisted and nothing ever really progressed (save for a failed immortal dynasty which will remain in the depths of a forum's graveyard for all of eternity if I can help it). I was missing a huge piece of their story - and then... then I heard "Nightingale." Yes, it's a pop singer's song. Yes, it's modern and more to today's style. Yes, it's oddly specific.
But it fit.
I swear to the gods that I heard this song the first time and put it on repeat for two solid days straight. The plot just threw itself down in front of me and I had a running start. Within a day I had a 15 page long draft with my outline for the story and I was no where NEAR done (for the record, most of that draft is officially toasted, but it was the skeleton that made the foundation of which we are sitting on today).
This part in the chapter is the most memorable, and the most important to me. While it'll seem strange or out of place to readers initially - why was Quinn just sitting there? Why didn't they talk to each other? Why the time jump afterwards? Why did this feel so random?
There's a lot of questions I wanted to leave open - and maybe I didn't explain things exactly right, but maybe it'll make more sense with time.


With that, let's hit our last step.

Step 3: Nominations!

I'm so bad at this.
Anyways, that's all for now! Hopefully you enjoyed the trip down memory lane as much as I did!

Lots of Love,


  1. Ezzie and Quinn are a lot more adorable than I expected. Which sounds a bit rude when typing it but I DIDN'T KNOW ADORABLENESS COULD EXIST LIKE THIS. They just hit me right in the feels and now I'm invested into them. Looking at all of these memories makes me happy.
    (Drinks coffee) I will happily curl into a ball and sob because of this story. It's amazing.
    If you could send help that would be good.
    I'm stuck and I can't get up.

    1. <3
      Hehe, I've always loved Quizzie, but actually getting down and writing them has been a really wonderful surprise for me. No matter how well I "knew" them before... now they're something even more special.
      Thanks for always being such a wonderful support! This story would hardly exist if not for you. <3