Author's Note: 9.3.17 I've been Liebster-ed!

Hey everyone!

I got a random notification that I've been Liebstered! I recently took the big leap to move this story to the Sims 3 official forums and was surprised by this lovely award by AllieSim! I'm truly honored that she thought of me and honestly there aren't words.

I got Liebstered already (technically) for Reapers, but I LOVE answering questions and I really enjoy spreading the love around. I also love learning about other bloggers, so this is a really great award for that!

I also apologize as it's been a little while since she nominated me (like a couple weeks, EEP!) but life has been very chaotic as of recently, and I've also fully launched Where the Willow Walks and will be updating it all of September for SimNoWriMo!

Meanwhile, AllieSim has really wonderful stories - she got me hooked in via one of her short stories and now I can't stop. She's really an awesome writer and simmer and I can't thank her enough for this award! Please go check her out and send some love!

So let's jump to the questions:

    1) What writer, and which of their works, has influenced you the most as a writer?
    Well, I would argue Chris Wooding has created the biggest effect on me as a writer. I ran into his works when I was in middle school and ultimately he's the reason I'm writing today. The first book I ever read by him was Poison but the one that influenced me the most was Storm Thief

    2) You begin to wonder wether, or not, you could write a work in the second person…could you?
    You asked if Livvielove could write her work in the second person, to which she thought deeply about. "Perhaps, but I would much prefer third person, or even first." She mused to you, and you nodded along, even though you knew she was ridiculous.

    3) How old were you when you started writing stories?
    I was 5 or 6 when I FIRST started (still have some of THOSE stories) but I didn't really SERIOUSLY start writing until I was 11 or 12. I wrote the most horrendous fanfiction known to man and only those who are very close to me have seen such a horror surface (yes, I still have THAT too, lol). 

    4) When you hit writer’s block, how do you “cure” it?
    For me, writer's block is usually a sign that something isn't "right" with my stories. I've hit burnout a few times with my stories (where I've written to the point of being sick of a certain character or storyline) but even that's pretty rare. Writer's block is one of those things were I usually don't realize I have it until I've come OUT of it, if that makes sense. I'll avoid a story for a while and focus on other stories until I get some idea or suddenly get the urge to write again. It's kind of strange, but it seems to work for me. I also have 4 stories so it's not too hard to flip to something else that I'm NOT stuck on and feel productive all at the same time.

    5) What did you want to be when you grew up?
    I wanted to be a veterinarian.
    Then I remembered I can't handle blood, needles, gore, or biology in general.

    6) How do you view your belongings? What do they mean to you?
    I'll be honest when I say I'm not exactly sure! I guess I don't have a very significant attachment to my things - if they were to be replaced I would be sad, but I wouldn't be torn. If they were to be destroyed I would certainly be sad, but I guess I only see them as enhancements to my life, rather than my lifeblood.

    7) What SimLit piece are you absolutely addicted to at the moment and why (please give a link to it so we all can check it out)?
    Ooh this is hard, I feel terrible because I've been so busy that reading hasn't really taken a priority (it's on my list though). So...
    I've been reading Ashes to Ashes (by CitizenErased), and I always have to keep up with the Miskins (Bookloverblue) and the Gallants (MonaLisa).

    8) What advice do you have for someone new to SimLit writing?
    If this is what makes you happy, then don't worry about how many readers or how many comments you get. When you're passionate about something, people will find you! Also, if you're a sim-lit writer, read some other Sim-lit and comment! I find a lot of times people can get caught up in "how many readers" someone has and lose sight of content, but so long as you're enjoying yourself, that's really all that matters at the end of the day!

    9) Where is your happy place?
    At my desk with my soda and all my favorite characters!

    10) What’s your favorite way to wind down and relax?
    By writing, as strange as it seems this is my way I find peace in the world. 

    11) If you had the power to make your very own planet, what would it look like? Would it be inhabitable?
    Hmm, I would want something very green and beautiful (minus all the pollen allergies thanks) with a lot of bright colors and beautiful landscaping. I would absolutely want to make it inhabitable, or perhaps I wouldn't. Maybe the true beauty would be something we could only witness from afar? I'm not certain. 

    So anyways! There's my 11 answers, now it's time for my nominations (apologies if I destroy any names, that's an unfortunate consequence to trying to find the appropriate authors)! 
    1. Blamsart - Light the Way to Heaven
    2. Infragreen/Trip - No Stars over Uptown
    3. Munterbacon - Ironbound
    4. Livin' the Simmin' Life - La Vita Bella
    5. Serendippity - The Danevbie Legacy
    6. Yimi - Until Death Do Us Part
    7. Mpart - Mpart's Malapropisms
    8. DS Lady - The Gordon Legacy
    9. Jess - So On
    10. Thai - Oh Darling, It's the Apocalypse! 
    And your 11 questions are: 

    1) What's your favorite story telling aspect of the Sims (or just favorite aspect)? 
    2) What was the inspiration that made you start the story currently occupying your headspace?
    3) What's your favorite food? 
    4) If you could have any aspect added to the Sims game that isn't already there (via mods OR EA content) what would it be and why? 
    5) How long have you played the Sims for? What's your favorite sims-related memory?
    6) What's your favorite movie/book/song (one of each, or many if you can't decide like me!)? 
    7) What Simlit story are you currently all about, and please leave a link so we can read it too? (I just had to send this question along, such a good question to help build my SimStory library!)
    8) What are you really excited for?
    9) Where would you go if you could visit anywhere in the UNIVERSE? 
    10) Is there anything you wish you could go back in time and tell your younger self about? Why?
    11) This isn't really a question, but I'd like to ask for you to compliment yourself/your story here. So many people don't remember to compliment themselves for all the hard work they do!

    Anyways, so there's my list! Thank you all for reading, and thank you AllieSim for the nomination! I had a lot of fun answering questions! 


    1. Aaaahhh! Thank you so, so much again Livvielove! XD Storm Thief is on my reading list!

    2. Thank you so much for the nomination, LivvieLove. I know I thanked you on my blog forever ago, but I never posted until now. Please forgive the horrendous delay. And also, I'm super intrigued by your story. I'm looking forward to reading. :)

      1. You're welcome! It's well deserved, honestly! I went to check out your answers - I love getting to see what everyone has to say!
        Also welcome! That makes me super excited! It's a little small at the moment around here, but it's homey and it's mine. =) I hope you enjoy it!